Best Ways To Clean Pine Needles From Carpet

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As we approach the holiday season, the question of whether you should vacuum christmas tree pine needles comes up naturally. It’s certainly easier using your vacuum on the carpet, picking them up quickly, rather than swinging the typical broom around. It’s the way my parents used to do it, and it’s the only way I thought you could effectively clean them up, but the question remains: should you?


Using a typical vacuum on pine needles actually risks damaging the vacuum, and sometimes, it can even completely destroy it. The pine needles can quickly clog up the vacuum filters, leaving you with a broken vacuum and $60 poorer.

The Best Way To Clean Pine Needles From Carpet

There are a couple of effective ways to pick up those pesky pine needles, the first, and probably most commonly known, is with a shop vacuum.

A shop vacuum offers the unique benefit of not having the needles get clogged in the filter. Instead, the needles are deposited into the large container attached to the vacuum. This allows you to quite easily clean up the mess that your christmas tree has left, without needing to worry about any damage to the vacuum.

If you’re like the typical home owner, you likely won’t have one of these lying around, and so I have the Amazon link for the shop vac that I own here. This one certainly gets the job done, I have been using it almost exclusively for the purpose of picking up pine needles, like the financially irresponsible person that I am.

I Don’t Want A Shop Vacuum

An understandable concern, so I’ve done some research on alternative ways to win the battle against pine needles. I’ve stumbled upon whats called a rubber broom (link to Amazon). The great thing about this broom is that it’s more versatile than a shop vac, and much cheaper as well.

The broom can be used indoors or outdoors, can easily clean up things like pet hair, but most importantly, can sweep pine needes from the carpet. Sure, the broom may not be as effective as the shop vac, but it provides options for people who find the shop vac too inconvenient.

Another benefit of using a rubber broom to clean up the pine needles is the fact that it’s silent. If you’re like my family, and you love to blast christmas songs for all to hear, then the sound of a vacuum could really get in the way of the christmas spirit. Which is why the broom may be your best bet at cleaning the pine needles without having your loved ones yell at you because of the noise.

Frankly, either option works well, and so choose whichever one suits your needs best. Or, you can save a few bucks and host a game similar to 52 pick-up, where instead of picking up cards, you get your family members to individually pick up each pine needle that falls on your carpet. That’ll surely get them to buy you a shop vac or rubber broom.

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