Carpet Steam Cleaning With Cats

Carpets are a luxury so cleaning them from time to time is necessary when you own a pet. The best way to clean the carpet for cat owners is to use the Ladybug Steam Cleaner. It is small, round and red like a ladybug. It weighs 15 pounds, comes with many attachments and rolls easily on any surface. There are several models to choose from ranging in price from $1049.00 to $1699.00. The dry steam action is unique so waiting for a soaked carpet to dry will not be a problem. This is revolutionary compared to just a few years ago. You won’t have a problem with a shrinking carpet as well.

Depending on the number of cats you own will determine the frequency of cleanings. Whatever the causes of those nasty carpet stains, the Lady Bug Steam Cleaner can get the job done. Before you use it, be sure to thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Pick up any large pieces of dried fecal matter and pre-soak the urine stains. Next, move aside or remove all the furniture in the room. It’s best to clean the whole carpet at a time, instead of spot cleaning. Pre-steam the carpet with the brush attachment. Then attach the towel to the brush head and move in two different directions.

Be sure to not stay in one spot to over heat and burn the carpet. This should take about an hour for a 12 x 12 room. Be sure to wait a few hours before placing furniture back. Use the Ladybug steamer once a month to keep your carpets clean and sanitary. Cats and owners will both be happy.

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