Easy Carpet Stain Removal Tips

The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests that you get your carpet professionally cleaned and re-protected every 12 to 18 months.  Clean regularly, and you can double the life of your carpet. Apothecary Steam Cleaning is happy to offer you the following additional suggestions that will allow your carpet to look its best between cleanings: Vacuum once per week for each inhabitant of the household (example: 3 people and 1 dog = 4 times per week). While this may seem excessive, 70-90% of carpet dirt is dry soil.

If dry soil is left too long, it absorbs cooking oils or body oils, and then can’t be vacuumed out. Leave street shoes at the door. Have house shoes, slippers or socks available to change into. Don’t be tempted to just run out of the house quickly with your house only footwear (say to get the mail) as you will pick up dirt, oil, tar & grease, which is very hard on your carpet. It takes 60 feet or more of walking on carpet to clean off the bottoms of street shoes.Stairs require a vacuum with a “spinning brush head” to clean and lift carpet.

A simple wand attachment won’t clean or lift properly. A Dirt Devil style hand vac is the way to go. For spots and stains: Don’t buy or use spotting or cleaning products from a store. They can actually do more harm than good by setting stains, removing color or making your carpet vulnerable to getting dirty faster! (This advice also applies to large areas or whole rooms.) Mix a solution of 10-33% white vinegar, the rest clear clean water. Apply a small amount, blot repeatedly with a dry “white” cotton cloth (Diapers or terry cloth towels work well). After spotting, place a box fan or small oscillating fan on the spot to dry. This mix will get out many, but not all, spots and stains. However, it will not damage the carpet or make it so that a professional cleaner can’t get it out either.

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