Best Ways To Clean Steam Mops

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It doesn’t take long for the need to clean your steam mop to arise. Improper cleaning (or none) of the steam mop can drastically decrease the effectiveness of the clean, thus making your efforts go to waste. Help yourself save time and energy by cleaning your steam mop regularly, following this quick and easy guide.

Steam mops use hot water and do cleaning job very well on hard floor and other surface. But in order to do the cleaning job better, the first thing you should make sure is that the steam mop itself is clean enough. If the mop is dirty, how could it clean the floor well? As we know, almost everyone know how to clean floor by mop, but not every people know how to clean steam mop effectively. Below we share some useful tips for you.

Have you ever use steam mop before? We all know that after cleaning a floor, the pad of steam mop is usually so dirty, so you need to clean it at once, and further more, what we should clean is more than this. Follow us and simply do the following 7 steps, you can do the cleaning job well.

Step 1:

Insert a new mop pad if the floor needs to be cleaned immediately and the existing mop head is dirty.

Step 2:

Wash the mop pad using a hot water setting, then tumble dry to sanitize the existing pad for reuse.

Step 3:

Change the water filter periodically. Water filter remove minerals and impurities from the water prior to steaming.

Step 4:

Remove the existing filter and replace with a new one according to the directions in the instruction manual.

Step 5 :

Kill mold growing in the water tank. Fill the tank with a 10-to-1 water-to-bleach solution.

Step 6:

Tighten the cap on the tank and allow to sit for two to three hours. Pour the solution out, then rinse the inside of the tank with standard tap water.

Step 7:

Reattach the water tank to the steam mop. Empty the water tank completely after future use.

By hot steam generated by steam mop, it kills germs and bacteria effectively. The mop pad might be dirty if not maintained, and the inside of the water tank can mold if not emptied after use, that is what we should pay more attention to. Do regular cleaning to your steam mop, you can do your cleaning job easily and effectively.

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